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Restrictive Practice Assessment

What are Restrictive Practices?

Well, NDIS defines a restrictive practice as 'any practice or intervention that has the effect of restricting the rights or freedom of movement of a person with disability'. As a behaviour support practitioner, it is our job to identify and reduce or eliminate restrictive practices. There are several different types of restrictive practices: 

  • Chemical

  • Physical 

  • Mechanical

  • Environmental

  • Seclusion

Billy Cart Behaviour can conduct an assessment of the current ecology and support of an individual to identify any restrictive practices. We will then work with the relevant stakeholders and individuals to reduce the use of the restrictive practices. Where possible, we will work towards an elimination of the practice(s) or the least restrictive option for the individual that maintains their quality of life. We will complete an assessment and design a comprehensive behaviour support plan with clear guidelines on the use of the regulated restrictive practice(s). 

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