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Our Approach

What should you expect from Billy Cart Behaviour? Well, you should expect an individualised approach whereby we work with you, your supports and other professionals to develop a comprehensive support plan that meets your goals and most importantly, increases your quality of life. Our approach is person-centered, which means we put YOU first and ensure that you are having just as much fun as we are when supporting you. 

You can expect us to complete a comprehensive and detailed assessment and intervention plan, but don't worry, if you get overwhelmed with long reports, we can step you through it together and ensure that you understand what is within the plan. We will support you and train those important to you on the ways to best support you, while ensuring that your life is as least restrictive as possible. We will work directly with you in a method that you are comfortable with and ensure that we come equipped with what you enjoy, whether that be dinosaurs, art, books, coffee or something completely out of the box! We will be your strongest advocate, and your biggest supporter. 

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