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About Billy Cart Behaviour

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Why 'Billy Cart' Behaviour? Well, Billy Cart is a reference to two important people in Sarah's life who have made a significant impact to those around them. First is sweet Billy, who is a family friends son who sadly passed away at the young age of 4 months due to a genetic condition. The second person is bubbly and radiating Ashton Carter who is Sarah's godson, and has a genetic condition himself. Ashton is a light in the dark times, and someone who's laugh is so contagious that everyone smiles constantly when around him. These two young men have made an impact on Sarah's life and those important around us, that Sarah could not have thought of a better and more fitting name to dedicate to her life's work. 

Billy Cart Behaviour is motivated to provide individualised behaviour support to clients using a positive behaviour support framework. So, what is Positive Behaviour Support? It is an evidence-based approach which considers an individuals environment, their support network, and current skill-sets which contribute to their overall quality of life. Secondary to improving an individuals quality of life, is decreasing challenging behaviours (both frequency and severity). We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the support and services that they need to life a rich and meaningful life. Billy Cart Behaviour endeavors to address the environmental 'mis-matches'  which act as barriers, and develop alternative approaches or supports which can assist the individual to overcome such mis-matches. 

Sarah McCluskey is the Director of Billy Cart Behaviour. She is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Psychologist who has supported neurodiverse and psychosocial individuals across the lifespan for nearly a decade. 

She have experience with the following presentations:

  • Complex and Challenging Behaviours

  • Drug and Alcohol Concerns

  • Forensic Presentations

  • PICA

  • Toilet Training and Early Intervention

  • Language Development and Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) Systems

  • Psychosocial presentations

  • Dementia 

  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI/TBI)

  • Rare Genetic Disorders such as Fragile X, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome

  • Sexualised Behaviours 

  • Restrictive Practice Reduction 


Sarah has keen interests in developing other clinicians skillsets and spends much of her time mentoring and supervising Core Practitioners and students studying for their BCBA exam.

At Billy Cart Behaviour, Sarah hopes to encourage and support others to improve their overall quality of life and maintain the least restrictive life possible. Further, she believe that therapy should be fun, and at Billy Cart, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we are not only individualizing our approach to each client, but also utilizing neuro-affirmative practices.

Sarah looks forward to seeing what we can achieve together!



Our Team

Meet our Behavioral Support Team—a dynamic group of compassionate Behavior Support Practitioners committed to fostering positive change within their communities. Grounded in evidence-based practices, this team celebrates neurodiversity and embraces a personalized, respectful approach to support individuals of all neurotypes. Their competencies span behavior analysis, clinical social work, psychology, and community engagement.

Led by Sarah McCluskey, the team actively engages with community members, collaborates with professionals, and builds strong relationships to contribute to inclusive and supportive environments across Victoria, ACT, New South Wales and Queensland - with telehealth also available.

Their focus on ongoing professional development ensures the application of the latest methodologies, making them a dedicated force for enhancing overall well-being.
Click on their photos below to learn more about the individual talents of these amazing people
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